About Raven Knives

Made in the USA

Veteran Owned

Precision Milled and Hand Crafted

Our knives are made in the USA with 100% American steel.  Our shop is humble but the quality of our work is world class.

We know that our knives are going to be used by people that rely on these tools to possibly save their own lives or the lives of others and to that end, we strive to ensure that our blades will exceed your expectations in every way.

Special Operations Soldier, Entrepreneur and Knife Maker


Randy Stover is the founder and owner of Raven Knives LLC.

I joined the US Army just a few weeks after graduating from high school in 1986 and I retired in 2009. In the early 90s, I was fortunate enough to be recruited, assessed and selected to serve in a Special Mission Unit. I spent the next 16 years in Special Operations with over 20 deployments conducting low visibility intelligence operations in austere locations around the world to include multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. My operational experience base is directly reflected in the knives we craft here at Raven. We make edged tools for people that need them. My time in Special Operations was the most impactful and meaningful job I've ever had and I miss my brothers and sisters in arms and the mission every day. I've had successful business ventures since retiring from the Army and I loved each one but this... this just feels different and I'm truly happy to get up and come to the shop everyday.  I intend to use Raven as a platform to make a positive impact in the SOF veteran community in as many ways as we can.

Isiah 6:8 - Send Me!

Why Raven?

The chief deity in Norse mythology is Odin. Odin had two ravens that accompanied him everywhere, and he is frequently depicted with his ravens sitting on his shoulders. They were named Hugin (intellect, thought, wisdom) and Munin (emotion, memories, ambition, wishes). The ravens are said to possibly represent both aspects of the human mind, our emotional side and our intellectual side.

Odin sent the ravens out each morning to collect information about all that was happening in their world. They would then return to Odin and report everything they heard and saw ensuring that Odin was “all seeing and all knowing”. Odin was also called the All Father and the Raven God.

The concept of being "sent out" all over the world to conduct intelligence operations resonates deeply with me and the raven's menacing dark color represents the secretive, cloaked nature of those operations and ties directly to my former life in Special Operations and the US Inter-Agency.

Wild Raven